Meet the governors

Mrs Angela Birchall -Chair of Governors -Chair of Pupil & Curriculum- LEA Governor

Mr David Ireland-Vice Chair of Governors- Co-opted Governor

Mrs Sarah Goodwin- -Chair of Finance & Personnel- Parent Governor

Rev Andrew Roberts-Ex Officio Governor- Church School Governor

Mrs Shauna Roe- Foundation Governor- SEND Governor

Mrs Sarita Foster- Foundation Governor

Mrs Avril Moore- Headteacher

Ms Lisa Phillips- Staff Governor-Safeguarding

Mr Paul McCooey-Link Governor-Parent Governor

Mrs Elizabeth Baxter- Co-opted Governor

Vacancies- Co-opted Governors

Mrs Tracy Walker- Associate Member Finance

Mrs Lorraine White- Clerk

Message From the Chair of Governors

 At the start of the 2018 – 2019 school year, the Governors would like to welcome back all staff and pupils. We hope that you have all had a restful summer and return to Mareham le Fen Church of England Primary School full of vigour and enthusiasm for an exciting and rewarding year ahead. We would like to give a special welcome to our new KS1 teacher, Miss Johnson, as well as all the new Foundation Stage children and those who have joined us in other classes. We hope that your time with us will be rewarding and enjoyable.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a little about what is so special about our school; I am proud to say that the school has very high expectations for work and behaviour, enabling children to achieve the very best they can. The school aims to encourage our children’s confidence and independence; fostering a love of God and their neighbours and to be interested in the world around them, as well as being prepared for the challenges they will face in the future. The children are encouraged to become role models, supporting and inspiring other children and judging from the comments from parents, they wholeheartedly agree. Our children’s progress and attainment generally continue to increase demonstrating the dedication of their teachers and parents.

The role of the governing body has changed beyond recognition over the past few years. Governing bodies have become the strategic leaders of schools- they are rightly responsible and accountable in law and in practice for major decisions about the school and its future. We are equal partners in leadership with the Headteacher and senior management team. Governors provide support to the school in a number of ways using their personal experiences from their varied backgrounds. In my view, the most important role of the Governors is to make sure that our already successful school continues to improve and builds upon its successes. To make sure that this happens, we monitor the progress of children throughout the year, discuss levels of progress and attainment with the Head Teacher and teaching staff and ensure that resources are used effectively in the best interests of all children in the school.

Every year the school produces a School Development Plan which identifies specific priorities for school improvement. Governors then monitor the progress of the School Development Plan through their observations when visiting the school and through questioning of the Headteacher at our Governing Body Meetings. This year the School Development Plan will focus on:

  1. Creating a positive ethos throughout the school so that all children work in a positive manner, they learn to be independent, are happy and have a sense of mental well-being.
  2. There will be a review of the curriculum so that a plan can be made to ensure that all areas of the curriculum are visited at appropriate times during a child’s primary school life.
  3. Ensuring that in maths most pupils are expected to achieve a high level of competence before progressing to the next stage, this is called Mastery in Maths.
  4. Improving Reading in Key Stage 1.
  5. Reviewing marking and teacher feedback so that this becomes more meaningful and supportive to pupils.

When we visit the school, governors are usually always impressed by the pupils they meet. They are confident, polite, well-mannered and clearly enjoy their learning. It is a genuine pleasure to be associated with Mareham Le Fen C/E Primary School.

I would like to thank all the staff for their energy and enthusiasm in steering the school on such an “outstanding” course. Together they make a great partnership team and work hard to move the school forward through their dedication and commitment to creating a happy, spiritual and educationally exciting environment in which our children can learn and develop.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Governors for giving up their time (voluntarily) and for the effort they put in to supporting the school. This year we have been very fortunate to welcome the Rev. Andrew, Mrs Sarita Foster and Mr David Ireland to our team. Along with the other governors, they are already well established into the role of a governing body and it is a privilege to work with such professional, enthusiastic and dedicated people

On behalf of the whole Governing Body, I would like to extend our gratitude to all our parents, volunteers and friends for their continued support of the school. I wish you all well for the year ahead and look forward to seeing you at school events.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact me via the school.

Angela Birchall

Chair of Governors

September 2018

Mareham Le Fen Church of England Primary School - Our Mission Statement

At Mareham Le Fen we provide a secure, stimulating and happy environment where everyone is strengthened by their spiritual and moral beliefs. We encourage positive attitudes towards learning and give each child equal access to all areas of the curriculum. We provide all children with the opportunity to reach their potential and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about their world. We work in partnership with parents, the community and the church and nurture an understanding of the Christian faith and a respect for other world faiths.

Our Christian Values

¨ Friendship– We care, share and encourage each other in all we do

¨ Forgiveness-We always forgive and forget

¨ Respect-We treat others how we want to be treated

¨ Responsibility-We take responsibility for our footprints on the world

¨ Perseverance-We never give up on our goals

All Christian values underpin every aspect of school life.

A spiritual awareness is at the heart of the daily life of our school.


Mareham Le Fen Church of England Primary School Governor’s Vision Statement

Our vision is for Mareham Le Fen to be an exceptional school with wide ranging opportunities for all.

Mission Statement

The governing body of Mareham Le Fen will support the aims and goals of the school as expressed in the school’s mission statement.

The Governing body aims to:

  • ensure that the school is caring and welcoming based on Christian morals and values
  • ensure the school offers an ethos of support , challenge and encouragement to achieve and instil a lifelong love of learning
  • collaborate with staff, parents, children, the church and the community

We will achieve this through an active involvement in the life of the school, strategic planning, questioning, challenge and monitoring. Our school seeks to reflect the Christian understanding that all people are precious to God.


Composition of The Governing Body

Governors Attendance

Register of Governor Interests

Annual Statement of Issues Faced