Church School Distinctivness

 SIAMS school Inspection 14th June 2017


Our School Prayer

God bless my family!

God bless my friends!

Help me to keep trying,

Until the day ends,

Let me be responsible,

And teach me to respect.

If I’m told ‘I’m sorry’,

Then help me to accept.


By Hattie.

Our School Values

We do not have school rules; we live by a set of values influenced by Christian teaching. These values are forgiveness, friendship, respect, responsibility and perseverance.

School Values




Collective Worship

We celebrate Collective Worship every morning.

Every morning, we begin our school day by joining together for an act of Christian Worship. This special time is uplifting and often thought provoking and sets us for the day in a positive way. We sing songs; have prayers and stories from the bible as well as a time of reflection and prayer. We also end our worship with a thought for the day. The children are encouraged to be involved throughout our Worship which provides an opportunity for pupils to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs. We encourage participation and response through an active involvement in speaking & listening. Our Worship is also very important in developing community spirit, promoting a common ethos and shared values and reinforcing positive attitudes. We have an active link between the church and school through our weekly acts of Collective Worship which are delivered by members of the local church community. We regularly hold meeting with the children to make sure that the worship we deliver is understood, enjoyed and helpful to all at Mareham.

Each term we have class worship, where members of the class or Worship Wardens lead their own act of worship. We also hold Collective Worship in the church each half term where parents, governors and friends are invited to join us.

We finish each week with a Celebration Assembly where good work, behaviour, citizenship in and out of school, attendance and punctuality are recognised by the school community. 

The links with the church year are reflected in school by celebrating important festivals in the church calendar for example: Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter. The whole school participates in Eucharist/Communion as an important part of these celebrations.

The school offers confirmation classes to both pupils and staff. We actively participate in the Church School’s Festival at Lincoln Cathedral and the Women’s World Day of Prayer.


A Rainbow of fruit from our Collective Worship on the story of Noah's Ark.