The school has a simple uniform which we encourage the children to wear. We believe that children should come to school dressed to work rather than play. The uniform is as follows:


School sweatshirt (available from the school)
White or pale blue shirt or polo shirt.
Trousers in grey, black or navy blue.
Shorts in grey, black or navy blue (in summer)
Black or navy shoes no trainers.
Grey, black or navy socks


School sweatshirt or cardigan (available from the school)
White or pale blue blouse or polo shirt.
Skirt or trousers in grey, black or navy blue.
Grey or navy woollen tights or white socks for winter. White socks for summer.
Red or blue checked or stripe dress in summer
Black or navy blue sensible shoes in winter. Black, navy or white sandals in summer. No trainers


One piece costumes for girls. Short swimming trunks for boys (not knee length).

Please do not allow you child to come to school in an outsize T-shirt and in general avoid extremes of fashion, including hair-styles. We would appreciate your co-operation in this.

Sweatshirts, Polo shirts, T shirts and PE shorts can be ordered through the school at regular intervals. Anyone who would like to obtain these items but feels they cannot afford it should see the Headteacher in confidence and we will try to help.