Welcome to Green Class Years 3 and 4

 Green Class' teacher is Ms Phillips. She is helped by Mrs White, Mrs Evison and Miss Tiffen.

 This term  our topic is: Who werethe Anglo Saxons and Scots?. We will be learning about settlements and the Anglo Saxons.

 Our Class novel is Beowolf by Michael Morpurgo.

  We will be learning about sound in science.

 In art we will be learning about collages and Megan Coyle.

 We will be learning Je Peux - I can in French.

 In computing we will be learning about editing digital photos.

in RSHE we will learning about Living in the wider world

  Being Responsible -texting whilst driving

 Computer Safety -Making Friends online

 Computer Safety -online bullying

 Money matters


 Our RE topic is community. We will be learning about: Worship and celebration. Beliefs about creation and natural world

 How is Hindu worship expressed personally and collectively?

How does Hindu  worship and celebration build a sense of community?

In our PE lessons we will be learnng gymnastics.

In music we are learning music notation and how to plat the glokenspiel.

 Our maths topics are: multiplication & division

 The class will be practicing their times tables and spellings every week in class.

 PE with JB sport is on Monday. Friday we are swimming; remember your costumes and towels.


We will set homework from time to time, however the children should practice their reading, spellings and times  tables at home. They all have logins to EDSHED to help practice these at home. Children can change their books once they have read shorter books a couple of times (and understand the story and can talk about it) and longer books once. It is really beneficial to discuss your child's reading with them so that they gain a better understanding of what they have read.


 Year 4s will have a multiplication test in June 2023. they areexpected to know all of their times tables for quick recall. A good website to practice is Mathsframe multiplication Tables Check.

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CPR First Aid
Our Colour Monsters

Our Colour Monsters


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