Mareham Le Fen has an active PTFA made up of around 15 members who meet regularly throughout the year. We have run several events to raise money to provide the ‘extras’ that the school budget doesn’t allow for. Our most recent fundraisers have included a Summer fair, Bingo nights, Winter Wonderland Christmas film night and a Body Shop party. We also provide events for the children that are not aimed at making money which are very popular. These have included a Leaver’s Prom for Key Stage 2 Children and Christmas Lunch for the whole school, which is prepared, cooked and served by the PTFA team. We also open up the Peace Garden to visitors for the village Scarecrow weekend displaying Scarecrows made by the children.


Do you want to join us?

We are a very welcoming group and are always looking for new members to join us, whether this is coming to the meetings or just offering your help at fundraising events. New members mean new ideas! The PTFA has funded a new fence for the Peace Garden, trips and pantomimes. Without the extra money the PTFA raise, some events within school would not be able to go ahead. If you would like to find out more about what we do, please contact the school office and they will introduce you to one of our members.


 ‘In it to win it’ Club


What is it? A fundraising venture for the school


Is it difficult to take part? No, it is simple. You fill in this form, pay once to cover the cost for the year and we send the prize money to you if you win.


Is it expensive? No. It costs £10 because there are 10 draws at £1 a month (October to July)


How does it work? Each month £1 per member forms a prize fund. Half of this money is donated to the school PTFA, the other half comes back to the members as prizes. If there are sufficient contributions up to three prizes could be awarded each month. All prizes will be paid in cash. The more members we have, the bigger the prizes. You are welcome to have more than one entry per family.                   

For example: 100 members = £100 per month


£50 to the PTFA funds


£50 Prize fund


Is it only for parents? Absolutely not! Please feel free to ask family, friends and work colleagues to join in. The more members the better. All members must be aged 16 or over. Closing date for the applications is Thursday 22nd October 2020.


Why should I take part? All the money collected for the PTFA funds directly benefits our children. The PTFA use the money raised to support the school with improving the resources available, the school environment and the little extras that the school budget does not stretch to.


Joining the ‘In it to win it’ Club is a really easy way for you to help the PTFA raise funds to support the school and your children.


Thank you and Good Luck!