At Mareham Le Fen, our primary aim is to make sure that we equip our children with the right skills and knowledge to stay safe and achieve their full potential. We believe that teaching our children to make informed decisions should lie at the heart of our teaching in PSHE. The decisions that we make define who we become and the experiences that we will encounter. For this reason, our curriculum is designed with a series of interactive lessons and videos, created by 1Decision, that teach our children how to make good decisions that will keep them safe and well. 1Decision provide life changing resources for children, which are focused on prevention not cure. The 1Decision resources have been produced for the media generation and include interactive content suitable for all learning styles.    

Our PSHE curriculum also includes bespoke lessons that meet the needs of the children at Mareham. Pupil voice surveys and a robust pupil well-being monitoring system are in place to ensure that we have a current and up to date view of the pupil’s well-being at Mareham. The PSHE medium term plan is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of all our children.


PSHE Overview