Class M

This term our topic is based around the theme of things in nature that ‘Wriggle and Crawl’. Therefore, lots of the ideas and work I will send you will be focusing on investigating mini-beasts and their habitats – it’s a really lovely topic! 

Click HERE to explore the CBeebies Website ‘Mini beast adventures with Jess’ 

Click HERE to watch Maddie's 'Do You Know' eposide about how bees make honey!

Click HERE to visit the RSPCA animal activities 

Home Learning –

Please use the links on this page to access further learning and ideas. 

You all have the Login details for Discovery Education in your packs – children are familiar with this site and ALL subject areas are on here with interactive games and videos to watch. 

We all know how much children benefit from routine and structure each day, here is a suggested timetable that you may wish to follow at home or create your own with your child.


Start your day / break times -

Walk the dog / Get some fresh air

BBC Super movers 

Just dance on YouTube 

Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube 


English / writing activities –

Pobble 365  - Here you will find a daily picture. Underneath the picture you will find questions, sentences starters and ideas to inspire writing. An exercise book has been provided in their packs.

The Literacy Shed has some great visuals and clips to inspire children's writing. 


Maths activities –

In your packs is a maths activity booklet. Here are some further links to continue Maths learning at home.

  • Top marks - Hit the Button 
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards
  • Addition and subtraction, Timetables (2s, 5s, 10s and 3), Number bonds (10s, 20s, 100s)
  • Practice telling the time – to the hour, half past, quarter past and quarter to


Reading –

  • Read daily!
  • Reading is everywhere – encourage children to use their phonics skills to read anything
  • Phonics Play – FREE Username: march20 Password: home
  • Discovery education, espresso - is fantastic for phonics revision and reading games PLEASE USE. Revision of Phase 3 and 5 sounds is essential -  
  • Obb and BobChildren can practise reading both real and nonsense words linked to their phonic sounds.
  • Oxford Reading TreeContinue to change your reading book on this site, you can access a range of reading e-books.

Your child has been sent home with an extra reading book. They should continue to read daily and could also complete one of these activities;

-          Write a book review

-          Create a new front cover

-          Retell the story (writing, props, role play)

-          Write a diary entry from the point of view of a character in the book

-          Create a fact file

-          Practise spelling words they do not recognise

Further learning links -

  • Explorify science -  Sign up for FREE
  • Watch news bites on a Friday Discovery Education 
  • Apps such as teach your monster to read, phonics play, jolly phonics (YouTube), Geraldine the giraffe (YouTube)
  • Twinkl is a resource website that is widely used by schools. It has resources for all areas of the curriculum. Whilst schools are closed, they are offering parents free full access to the website. You will need to register using the offer code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Twinkl interactive learning links - Year 1 

Twinkl interactive learning links - Year 2 


Home learning grid - here are some ideas based around our Wriggle and Crawl topic that you could do at home...

Go on a ‘bug hunt’ in your garden. How many different mini beasts can you find? Record your findings in a tally chart and then put the results on to a bar graph / pictogram.


Write some descriptive sentences about mini beasts. Try to use at least one adjective in every sentence and try to put a verb and an adverb in your sentence too.

E.g. The beautiful blue butterfly fluttered quickly around the small garden.

Make a 3D model of your favourite

mini beast. You could collect pebbles and paint them to look like your favourite mini beast.


Can you create a fact file about it too?

Can you find out about life cycles of different creatures e.g. butterflies or frogs? Can you draw and explain them?


Wriggle and Crawl

Summer Term

Home Learning Activities

Find a mini beast in its natural habitat and draw or paint a picture of it. You could use sketching pencils, paints, crayons, felt tip pens or chalks.


Create a table to collect information about minibeasts, including their name, body parts, legs and wings. Identify whether or not each minibeast is an insect.

Create a minibeast word search containing all the minibeast names you have learnt. Give it to someone in your house to solve!

Watch a minibeast themed film like Antz, A Bug’s Life or Epic with your family and then make a comic strip that shows part of the film or write a review and include your star rating.

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Rand Farm Trip

Throughout Spring Term, within Science, we are looking at animals including humans. We will look closely at life cycles, how animals have offspring that grow into adults and living things and their habitats. 


After half term, the children will see new life emerging as we will have an incubator (provided by Rand Farm) in our school. This is a unique opportunity for the children and we hope will be a truly memorable.


We will then be ending Spring Term with a trip to Rand Farm park. We will be taking the chicks on the bus with us back to the farm! 

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